About us

All the details you need to know about Bowkett Auto Consulting

By working with some of the biggest brands in the industry and collaborating with some of the most forward thinking companies and individuals Bowkett Auto Consulting Ltd (BAC) can help you to review existing or new projects, products and services to ensure you are keeping abreast of the latest automotive related changes and are thus able to maximise your bottom line.


Having the wrong products or strategy at the wrong time can be a financial disaster this applies no matter whether you are developing a vehicle for the future, buying and selling new and used vehicles, creating a new retail or wholesale offer or trying to break the mould either in sales, financial services, insurance or more.

Failing to develop your sales approach to changing customer demands creates a downward spiral.

Not keeping up to date with the current and future demands of legislators can be a costly affair, BAC is committed to helping you stay ahead of the game, including

  • spotting trends in consumer and fleet customer buying patterns
  • Improving new and used sales strategies
  • Developing new ways to take advantage of the decline in traditional car sales techniques and grab a slice of the growing e-commerce market place
  • Understanding the truth behind legislation and political rhetoric

Profit has become a dirty word for some but at BAC we believe that delivering the best bottom line result can be achieved whilst still meeting the legal, ethical and moral demands of the modern world

Dean Bowkett - Managing Director

I’m an experienced, commercially focused executive and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

I think I’m a fun, fair and reasonable leader, which must be true based on the number of people who have worked for me on multiple occasions and in different companies. I use that ability to manage teams, combined with my professional approach and significant industry knowledge to develop businesses, challenge them to think outside the box and question key strategies before the event.


My areas of expertise include financial services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales, TCO, service, maintenance and repair, vehicle remarketing, CRM and PR. As well as having responsibility for the UK, West, Central and East Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, I have also had regular exposure to and connections with the North American market.

• Created a new multinational full-service leasing pricing structure which delivered multi-million euro growth
• Established commercial and operational collaborations to create revenue growth for all parties
• The European lead for the deployment of one of North America’s largest online automotive remarketing platforms in Europe
• Developed and delivered an OEM used car brand and business approach which also included OEM to consumer internet sales
• Produced significant growth in brand recognition through PR activities

• Operating in a multi-national environment
• Leadership, team building, motivation and innovation
• Strategic planning, forecasting and delivery
• Corporate restructuring and business improvement
• Vehicle remarketing and risk management
• Commercial negotiations including pricing and sales strategy

As well as providing consultancy services I act in a Non-Executive Director capacity for business development for new and existing businesses. I also get called upon to act as an expert witness and advisor on legal matters relating to the automotive industry.